How to cook tasty rice

Characteristics of the "Ryu no Hitomi"

Our unique polishing rice process keep a embryo bud that filled with ingredient of taste and good nutritions. Just right wash the rice 2 to 3 times, because of this nourishment also remained in the Fairy juice. Cook with a little murkiness water is good. There is no soak required due to this is a high water absorbency rice.

How to cook the "Ryu no Hitomi" tasty.

Compare to the common Rice, "Ryunohitomi" is highly water absorbency Rice. Standard Rice cooking and heat-retention procedure cannot extract real taste of the "Ryunohitomi. Please refer following instruction to your cooking to enjoy the "Ryunohitomi taste.

If you wash the "Ryu no Hitomi", you should keep a little murkiness in the water. This is good idea to not lose sweetness and nutritions.

Refer the table to adjust the amount of water. Sweetness and luster of the rice are different by  the amount of water! To cook rice with good crunchy, it is important to adjust right water amount.

Between October and February, you can cook right after washing rice. Between October and February, you can cook right after washing rice. During February to August, soak rice 2 to 3 min. and after August, you can soak around 10 min. before cook.

*Please do not use Timer cook of rice. (Due to high water absorbency rice, rice will become over absorbed and result is too watery.)

Remove excess water by rightly flake rice from the bottom of pan. This process makes rice more tasty.

Please do not retaining warmth.

It is strongly recommend, please do not retaining warmth for cocked "Ryu no Hitomi"

In case if it left over, transfer to the other container and store it in the Refrigerator to keep. It is a good idea to repack the single serve with wrapping film and store it in the Refrigerator or Freezer. When you eat it later, you can still enjoy the taste of the right after cooking if warm it by Microwave Oven.

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