About ”Ryu no Hitomi"

What is the ”Ryu no Hitomi" ?

”Ryu no Hitomi" is a one of most attention brand rice now, in Japan.

This is a fine grade rice in the wetland rice brand "Inochi no Ichi", and compared to the current "Koshihikari", size of grain is 1.5 times bigger. When it is cooked, the taste is sweet, good stickiness and very delicious.

"Ryu no Hitomi" is very hardly cultivating rice compare to the other common breed. This bread is very sensitive/delicate type of rice. We determined original severe cultivation method then only contracted farm that obtained cultivation instruction are allowed to cultivate. The cultivation method is required serious burden to the farm that need to remove weed by hand, using with our original organic fertilizer mixed with ingredient of taste, such as Magnesium and Calcium, only less than 1/3 amount of agricultural chemicals dosage under the regulation of Gifu prefecture.

Even though, why we are making this rice is the "Ryu no Hitomi" is not only delicious but regarding highly "Safe rice". The "Ryu no Hitomi" is only certified rice that harvested with very tough cultivation method and passed strict inspections

Perhaps, it was found at the market, The "Ryu no Hitomi" became known in all Japan through awarded winner at variety of contests.

Additionally, we willing to provide deliciouse and safty rice to the world,

we are shipping the "Ryu no Hitomi" worldwide.

Born of the "Ryu no Hitomi"

"Ryu no Hitomi" is a new rice that was founded year 2000 This is a dramatical story of the born.

It was s sudden happening.

Afternoon in the one day, year 2000, I was inspecting growth of the rice-plants at the "Koshihikari" rice field. When I was walking around, I was fascinated with the extra high strange rice-plant. The rice plant seemed to have released the aura.

Once I inspected that rice-plant, it was 1.5 times bigger than the other, and My heart was throbbing with ""If this has discovered a new species....

The following year, I cultivated this new rise, harvested and cooked it.

When it was cooked, steam quickly stands and the aroma of the rice was spread in the room, When I open the lid, the glossy rice was cooked.

I was so surprised when I bite a mouthful of rice. It was delicious and stickiness, the aroma of the rice, that I never experienced with my common rice conception And even it was cold, the surface of the grain did not become hard.

What is the identity of this miracle rice?  I requested DNA exam, but it was unable to  determine of the parents. And, "Inoci no Ichi" was accepted New Japanese rice that was  registered this rice as New cultivar.

Now, we are selling and distributing that rice, which was harvested from tough cultivation method, passed hard standard rice as "Ryu no Hitomi"

(The one who discovered this rice is Mr. Takashi Imai, President CEO of "Ryu no Hitomi" co, Ltd.)

Mont and Year Contents Sponsor and related information
Dec. 2007 Approved by Growing district of Gifu Prefecture. Gifu Prefecture
Nov. 2006 National Contest of Rice Taste Evaluation Gold awards (Awarded 4 times) Association of rice seasoning judgment person
Nov. 2007 Your choice of the best tasting rice competition, Awarded Most valuable rice award 3 times Shonai-cyo, Yamagata Prefecture
Aug. 2008 Certified to the "Rough Stone of Pride" Gifu Prefacture
Sep. 2011 Certified producuts for the "Hida Mino Cool Goods". Gifu Prefecture
Mar. 2013 Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation recommended souvenir, Awarded Grand Prix. Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation
Nov. 2012 Japanese Gifts and Souvenirs Contest Nominated Japan Federation of Gifts and Souvenirs
Jan. 2013 Adopted to the "First Class Meal for International Flights" by Major Airlines. Major Airlines
Jan. 2015 "Cuisine Kingdom 100 Selection" adoption (Only "Ryunohitomi" in the Rice category) Cuisine Kingdom
Feb. 2015 Yahoo! Japan Winner for the "Finest Rice Selection 100" Yahoo! Japan
Feb. 2015 55th Japanese Gifts and Souvenirs Contest Winning the place Japan Federation of Gifts and Souvenirs

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